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How does it work?

1. The journalist creates a call out with a question and a brief description of the article.
2. You will be notified about the new call outs that are relevant to you.
3. If your reply is relevant for the article, the journalist will publish it.
You can help improve journalism and get free publicity.
It will take you about 5 minutes to prepare your answer. Of course, it depends on the question and the topic concerned. However, these are usually shorter answers. In the case of additional questions and wider cooperation, the journalist will then contact you individually.
Only journalists reviewed and approved by administrators can access the profiles. Your profile is not public.
The service to help journalists is free and will always be.
Our service "help a journalist" is free and will be free forever. We will soon launch a sponsored content service, that will be paid.
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“Obtaining an opinion from an expert source is very important for ensuring objectivity, but it is also very time consuming.”

Jana Beer, ex-journalist and co-founder of

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Code of Conduct

  1. Create an attractive profile, present your strengths, demonstrate your expertise, experience and achieved results.
  2. Respond to call outs from journalists as soon as possible. Be aware that journalists have strict deadlines and work fast. Keep in mind that the first one often wins.
  3. Please do not ever respond to call outs that are outside your area of interest and knowledge. Let's respect each other's time and work.